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The Innovators podcast, a product of Harris Search Associates, features interesting conversations with global thought leaders in the areas of higher education and research, engineering, technology, and the health sciences and provides our listeners an opportunity to benefit from lessons learned from the national leaders changing the landscape of innovation and discovery. Visit the Harris Search Associates website here.

Jun 14, 2022

In an extended and extensive interview, Dr. Perakslis drew on his experience in industry, regulatory agencies, and academia as well as his book co-authored with Martin Stanley, Digital Health: Understanding the Benefit-Risk Patient-Provider Framework, to address the following questions:

  1. How do we tackle the challenges of the unintended (and undesired) effects of healthcare inventions and innovations for patients?
  2. How do the perspectives of leaders of inventors/innovators/developers, regulators, and researchers in healthcare vary from one another in evaluating the importance of the work they oversee?
  3. What are the attributes of effective leaders of healthcare organizations that are more or less generic and which are more specific to organizations engaged in drug and device development, in regulating healthcare innovations, and in evaluating the effectiveness and safety of new products and services?
  4. Where do you see the newest frontiers for breakthrough developments stemming from digital health?

Immediately prior to joining the Duke Clinical Research Institute, Dr. Perakslis was senior vice president and head of the Research & Development Institute of Takeda Pharmaceuticals and that company’s work in oncology, rare diseases, neuroscience, and other fields.  Previously, he also held positions at: Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital; U.S. Food and Drug Administration; senior vice president at Johnson & Johnson’s Pharmaceutical R&D Information Technology;  and ArQule, a drug development company acquired by Merck.

Innovators is a podcast production of Harris Search Associates. 

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