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Sep 24, 2020

Robert Hinson (USAF, Lt. General (Ret), Executive Director of The National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI) at the University of Nebraska, joins Innovators to talk about how he leads NSRI and how UARCs function to protect the nation from a myriad of growing global threats.

Hinson joined the University of Nebraska on August 1, 2012, following a nine-year foray into the private sector — as a vice president with defense contractor Northrup Grumman. Hinson’s mission at the university: Establish an academic research center that could serve as a beachhead in the always-fierce battle for military research dollars.

The upshot: the National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI), which has, by most any measure, met the university’s lofty expectations. Since its launch eight years ago, NSRI has completed more than 110 projects for the U.S. military, yielding some $176 million in revenue. In 2019, revenue was up a staggering 52 percent from the previous year.

Innovators is a podcast production of Harris Search Associates. 

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