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The Innovators podcast, a product of Harris Search Associates, features interesting conversations with global thought leaders in the areas of higher education and research, engineering, technology, and the health sciences and provides our listeners an opportunity to benefit from lessons learned from the national leaders changing the landscape of innovation and discovery. Visit the Harris Search Associates website here.

Nov 15, 2019

Dr. Susan Fritz joins Innovators to talk about the University of Nebraska and other Land Grant institutions across the country, and their role in higher education, policy, and their place in the world.

Dr. Fritz is the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Dean of the Graduate College at the University of Nebraska. She recently spent several months as the interim president of the University of Nebraska, becoming the first woman to hold that title. She earned her bachelor's (in business administration), master's (in adult education and agricultural education), and doctoral degree (in community and Human Resources) all from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Innovators is a podcast production of Harris Search Associates. The show is produced by Grant Burkhardt. (This interview was conducted in late August, before NU appointed a permanent president to replace Dr. Fritz in her interim role.)

*The views and opinions shared by the guests on Innovators do not necessarily reflect the views of the interviewee's institution or organization.*